Monday- November 30, 2020
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WebMaster Services by ISCWEBHOST and ISCNITZAN
Web Master Services - Web Site Ownership with Peace of Mind
Child Play It was not just because she's cute that we chose this child photo as she plays. Running your web site can be very demanding cumbersome and frustrating experience. However it can be as easy as child play for you, if you choose to sign-up with a professional webmaster to run your site.

I have seen people try to run their web site independently and try to do this on their own; the photo to the left resembles their expression when they came back for help. It is not for an everyday business owner to allocate bandwidth, research keywords, analyze html and dynamic pages, update information, and many more of the various tasks which your web site requires.


Leave it to the Pros!
Let us worry about your cumbersome web tasks and youíll be free to run your own business while getting professional results for your web site. Sign up is easy. You can start with our basic service retainer for 10 hours of annual maintenance work on your web site. From our experience this is the minimum every web site needs to keep up with the web.

How much does it cost?
We charge $40 per hour for webmaster services with an annual minimum of 10 hours, which we believe from experience is the list you will need in a span of 1 year. If and when you need more service time and you already used up your annual quota we will re-evaluate your specific needs and provide the option to obtain additional services. Please note that web sites with E-Commerce interface and shopping carts are charged a standard of 15 annual hours ($600/year) as they require more service involvement on regular basis.
How competitive are our prices?
Honestly, we donít really know and donít really careÖ we know of recreational webmasters who sometimes do it for free, we see others charging a bundle. Bottom line - we canít be shy about wanting to earn a decent leaving. We believe in providing quality and value for your money, which for us (and hopefully you) is all that really matters.

Basic Service  $400.00 / Year

  • Analyze site traffic and allocating resources
  • Web page structure analysis evaluation
  • Search Engine submission (once very 6 months)
  • Web site updates
  • Domain and DNS zone maintenance
Best for regular milti-page; static web site

E-Commerce Advanced Service  $600.00 / Year

  • All of the basic services above, and
  • SSL compliance analysis
  • Payment gateway updates
  • Performance reports setup
  • Site functionality and link analysis
  • SEO reports and consultation
Best for E-Commerce & Shopping cart dynamic web site