Monday- November 30, 2020
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ISC WEB HOST Search Engine Optimization

Creating your web site to look and fill right for you and your customers is one thing, having it on top at Google, Yahoo and MSN is quite another. The complicated and ever changing challenge of web marketing is an important part of today’s Web 2.0 success. Many web site owners make many mistakes here which can end-up being very costly.
Even experienced webmasters got confused when Google, who took leading control over this market, changes the roles to keep search result information relevant. There is no one simple solution to SEO (Search engine optimization), it takes a combination of experience, know-how, and comprehensive long term thinking to get it right. That’s where we come in...

Not All Created Equal!
At ISCWEBHOST we believe that what is true for us humans is not true for all web sites, meaning – not all web sites are created equal. Some have needs different then the others, and each web site needs its own specific marketing plan to reach its unique objectives. This approach is what sets us apart from those who offer ‘one size fit all’ solutions, which as you will see demonstrated below – can’t be true or nearly as effective.


Leave it to the Pros!
ISCWEBHOST together with ISCNITZAN offers our clients a uniquely created guided rout to reach their individual web marketing objectives. We take into consideration ALL of your various needs and offer targeted, financially sound solutions to your specific goals.

Want some examples?
Let’s take a simple look at one example of our philosophy implementation:
Suppose we have 2 young photographers; one is a talented wedding photographer who resides and have a studio in Chicago Illinois, and the other is an abstract photographer from New York City who travels frequently to photo his work.

Our wedding photographer will defiantly want to be found on the first Google search results for every search originated from the state of Illinois looking for the phrase “wedding photography”. However, he has very little to gain (if any) by being number 1 on Google results if the search is form LA, Phoenix AZ, and even less if the search is from Milan Italy for example. For him it makes more sense to focus on a local and regional search engine campaign with a focus on wedding photography search and content. Now – let’s see our abstract photographer from New York City. His objective is to be recognized and featured in magazines, corporation ads, and maybe even a gallery show. For him it would make lots of sense to try reaching number one on Google for every search for the terms “abstract photography”, and since his target audience is more of the continental US kind, or maybe even global – he will need to invest and secure high ranking position for Google’s global search of this terms.
We recommend that you contact us first to have your site’s needs properly analyzed and have the correct action path recommended. However if you fill that you already know what you need, or we already set your site with recommended products- you may select from the product bellow:

Web Page Optimization  $175.00 / Per Page

  • Analyze page text and recommend keywords
  • Analyze web page structure and correct or recommend corrections
  • Analyze web page header Meta tags for optimized tag inclusion
  • Analyze web page text heading tags for optimized tag inclusion
  • Provide detailed page report demonstrating before / after improvements
FREE Page Analyzer Tool – Try before you buy

Link Exchange Membership  $45 Setup Fee, and $25 Monthly Fee

One of the most efficient ways to get your web site noticed by search engines is having links from other web sites related to yours pointing to your web site. We partnered with few of the best link exchanges to provide you with the best quality links available.

Free Link Popularity Analyzing Tool – Try before you buy

Targeted Back link Packages
  $175.00 Initial Consultation Fee (Applied for purchase credit)

Need instant high quality results? This one is for you! Choose from a custom selection of high quality authority web site to guarantee highest Google PR, as well as high ranking on Yahoo, MSN, Alexa and more. We will present you with several options tailored for your web site industry. Solution prices may vary from $179 per month, up to $5000 a year. This solution is for those who wish to invest in rapid highest quality guaranteed results.
Free Web Site PR Analyzing Tool – Try before you buy

PPC (pay per click) Campaign Setup
  $145.00 each campaign (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

  • Setup targeted campaign(s) for maximum efficiency
  • Analyze adwords, keywords and target markets
  • Setup web based analyzing tools to optimize ROI
  • Setup and enable conversion tracking software
How competitive are our prices?

We know of many web sites offering anything from Search Engine Submission offers for amounts ranging from $59 to $500 (quick advice – don’t do those, or you’ll regret it!) to very prestigious SEO expert companies offering complete web site optimization form $10,000 to $45,000!
Frankly, we can’t see ourselves compared to either one… We custom design services around your needs, and provide them at reasonable prices. We believe we provide a high quality return at great value. For us this is all that matters.